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Why choose glass balustrades for your staircase?

Why choose glass balustrades for your staircase?

Stairs have long been a functional feature in property – but being practical doesn’t have to mean being boring.

Traditional wooden balustrades can look great, but if you really want to maximise the potential of your staircase, it’s time to consider using glass balustrades.

Wondering what makes glass balustrades a superior choice? Here are 5 of our favourite reasons.

6 reasons to use glass balustrades

1.    To increase lighting levels

Perhaps the biggest selling feature of glass balustrades is their ability to maximise light levels. Whether it’s the flow of natural daylight from nearby windows or electric light from overhead, the use of glass prevents light from being blocked.

The result of this free-flowing light is that the staircase – and any surrounding hallway and landing – won’t be too dark and dingy (and potentially dangerous!). Creating instead, a bright, airy space.

2.    To maximise space

Increased lighting levels prevent stairwells from feeling cramped and enclosed – but the benefits of glass don’t stop there.

Replacing restrictive solid wooden balustrades with glass instantly opens the area up and creates the illusion of more space than there really is. It also means you can maximise any attractive views on offer to enhance the environment.

3.    To boost style

Want a modern staircase but also one that will endure fashion fads? Then glass balustrades are the answer.  

Yes, glass staircases are very much the current favourite, but glass is also a timeless look.

Extremely flexible, it will adapt to work with any décor. So, if you’re a slave to the latest trends at home or a business that likes to keep its look fresh, glass won’t limit your creativity.

4.    To enhance safety

Stairs are notorious hotspots for accidents. According to the Health and Safety Executive, one of the top recommendations for reducing the risk of a fall on stairs is to increase lighting levels. And, by switching out light-limiting balustrades such as wood or metal – you can!

The open aspect of glass balustrades also enhances safety by increasing users’ visual range.

And if you have pets or young children, the solid frame of glass provides a protective barrier, without having to compromise on the aesthetics or sacrifice the view.

Worried the glass itself will pose a hazard? It won’t. All glass supplied by Square 1 Balustrades is special toughened safety glass, manufactured in accordance with BS EN 12600:2002.

5.    For easy maintenance

Does the thought of glass make you worry about streaks and finger marks? Think you’ll have to really up your cleaning routine?

Okay, so these are potential downsides to glass balustrades but it’s important to consider the alternatives.

Glass is super easy to clean. A simple wipe-over will remove any dirt or marks – and that’s it. It’s also far less likely to scratch or dent like metal or wood can.

Combine this with the fact there’s no laborious sanding or painting required to maintain the good looks of glass balustrades, and it’s a clear winner in terms of ongoing maintenance demands.

6.    To be cost-effective

Glass balustrades are more pocket friendly than you think. Thanks to their durability, not only will there be less expenses associated with repairs, but also fewer maintenance requirements – no ongoing paint or wood treatments to purchase or costs associated with labour.

Add this to the fact that it’s an enduring style that won’t date or go out of fashion – and you’re on to a winner. 

Order glass balustrades from Square 1 

Whether set in commercial or residential property – your staircase is just one step away from achieving its full potential.

Visit our glass balustrades page to find out more, shop online now or for help or advice about the benefits of using glass, or assistance placing an order, contact the team.

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