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Month: June 2021


How to create the perfect BBQ area

Is there anything we Brits love more than a good old-fashioned BBQ? Burnt sausages and unpredictable weather aside, it seems we just can’t get enough of outdoor entertaining. The summer of 2019 reportedly hosted around 136 million family barbecues. And with the ‘stay at home’ pandemic of 2020, and a staycation trend set for 2021, …

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Glass Balustrades V Wire Balustrades

Glass balustrades Vs wire rope balustrades

Know you want something more exciting than traditional wooden balustrades but not sure which way to jump when it comes to using glass or wire? Don’t worry. If you’ve narrowed it down to either of these two balustrade systems, you’re already on to a winner. And with the help of today’s blog from Square 1 …

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