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How to spring clean your garden

How to spring clean your garden

Spring is virtually upon us. Nights are drawing out, temperatures are beginning to rise. But as thoughts turn towards spending more time outdoors, you may find yourself secretly wishing you could close the curtains and stay tucked up indoors.

Sound familiar?

Harsh weather conditions can really take their toll on gardens, making it preferable to keep the reality cloaked in winter darkness. But spring is coming, and you can’t ignore the problem forever.

The good news is there’s no need to despair. Often getting things back in order is less of a challenge than it first appears. And, armed still with these handy hints from Square 1 Balustrades, you could be whipping things back into shape in no time at all.

First things first

·         Rake up debris

We’re only in March and already three storms have hit the UK, with Dudley and Eunice the last to leave their mark. As a result, it’s likely your outside area with be littered with twigs and branches blown from nearby trees and bushes. Meaning the best place to start your spring clean is by raking away any debris from the lawn and brushing down patio or decking areas.

·         Weed

Tackle weeds by pulling up as many as you can see – be sure to remove the roots to help prevent a comeback. Ideally, it’s a good idea to use a chemical weed remover too – just try to opt for an eco-friendly option to avoid causing any problem with your lawn or harming wildlife.

While weeding, keep an eye out for dead plants from last year that need removing. There are likely to be a few causalities from the winter frost that will need digging out too.

·         Tidy

Pile of cardboard dumped by the back door? Is last year’s Christmas tree still lurking by the shed? We’re all guilty of using the garden as a dumping ground over the winter months, but now is the time to tidy things away. Whatever you need to do, dedicate a few hours to clearing things up and get the job sorted.

What’s next?  

Now you’ve cleared the area, it’s time to assess what else needs doing…

·         Paint

While natural wood may look attractive, it does require annual maintenance. So if you have painted fence panels or wooden decking, you’ll need to factor in a quick lick of paint or wood treatment to your spring clean.

This is a job that’s much easier if tackled early on in the year. Wait a few months and reaching fence panels will be much trickier as plants begin to bloom.

·         Wipe down furniture

Left the garden furniture out or had it stuffed at the back of the garage? Either way, it’s a good idea to wipe it all down to make sure it’s looking its best.  

·         Plant some colour

Nothing says spring quite like a few bright blooms so be sure to plant some colour into your borders. If you’re short on space, how about filling a few pots instead? It’s an easy way to add instant cheer and vibrance.

And finally…

Why stop at a quick clean and tidy? Assess what it is you need from your space and take your improvements one step further.

·         Assess what’s changed

Life rarely stands still, so it’s likely your situation has changed over the past 12 months. Do you now own a pet? Are there young children in the family? If so, it’s worth considering making changes to create a more usable space.

Glass balustrades can be a great way to protect youngsters. If your decking is raised, you own a pool or pond, safety can be dramatically improved with the glass balustrade systems. Fit with a gate for an attractive, easy access area for children and animals to safely play outdoors.  

·         Make improvements

Want to be able to enjoy your hard work now? If the British summer is approaching too slowly for your liking and you’re impatient to make the most of the outdoors, then how about fitting a glass canopy?

Not only do glass canopies look great, they also allow you to enjoy your outside space all year round – whatever the weather throws our way!

Get set for spring with Square 1 Balustrades

Time to spring clean your garden and make a few improvements? Allow the team at Square 1 Balustrades to help. With a great range of glass balustrade systems, canopies and much more on offer, we are your first stop shop for outdoor solutions.

Buy glass balustrades now or to find out more about using balustrades to enhance your outside space, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team.

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