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8 ways to brighten a dull hallway

8 ways to brighten a dull hallway

There’s no escaping the importance of natural light when it comes to making a home appealing.

In fact, natural light is often regarded as one of the most influential factors for bagging a sale – but do you appreciate just how significant it is?

A survey accessed by Ideal Home found that 84% of people questioned considered natural light to be the most important feature when property hunting. Not just that, the average house buyer would also pay an extra 5k for the privilege!


So, given that the hallway is typically the first area of a home on show, getting the look – and light levels – right here, is key. But as a space that is so often narrow, windowless and dark, just how do you do it?

Well the good news is, it could be easier than you think! Check out Square 1 Balustrades’ clever hints and tricks for easy ways to brighten a dull hallway.

#1 Use the front door

Solid front door? Why block an easy way for light to enter the hallway? Whilst privacy and security are fundamental requirements of a front door, there’s no reason you can’t opt for a design with a few panes of frosted glass.

Glass can easily be incorporated into a doorway without leaving you feeling overly exposed or vulnerable – and it’s a great way to boost natural light levels.

#2 Reflect

As furnishings go, mirrors are a favourite. Mostly because they don’t just look good, they’re a sneaky design tool too.

By reflecting light, they not only lift and brighten a room, they create the illusion of more space. A strategically positioned mirror will reflect whatever light is available and seemingly expand the dimensions of your room.

Oh, and they’re handy for checking your reflection as you run out of the house too!  

#3 Swap your balustrades

As a high traffic area, a hallway must be as functional as it is stylish. Safety must be paramount. Good to know then, that one of the most effective ways you can increase the flow of natural light is to switch out your dated staircase for glass balustrades.  

Glass balustrades are extremely safe, offering complete side protection. And not only will a change to glass instantly modernise the look and feel of your home but by opening up the space and increasing the flow of natural light, the hallway will immediately appear brighter, more inviting – and bigger!

#4 Fit a roof light

Not possible in all homes but well worth considering for those where it is. Fitting a roof light quite literally lifts the lid off your hall, stairs and landing, allowing daylight to stream in from above and flood down the stairs into the hallway.

For properties that can accommodate this feature, it’s a game-changer.

#5 Flooring

When it comes to solving light issues, we tend to look up but, actually, you could be standing on the answer.

That’s right – flooring. Dark carpets, oppressive patterns and deep mahogany floors can all overpower a small space like the hallway. To prevent this, opt for light wood – or paint boards white for maximum effect – light carpets and floor tiles with simplistic patterns.

#6 Side window

Depending on layout, if your property is detached or semi-detached, it could be possible to pinch a little more natural light from the side of your house.

Ok, so you don’t want a window out onto the brick wall of next-door, but you could opt for some stylish opaque glass panels instead. A run of statement glass blocks or opal glass will not only look the part, but it will allow you to take advantage of additional light too.

#7 Adjust your colour scheme

It’s a given that deep, dark colours will dim a room and enclose the space. Important then, to open things up and use a bright, airy colour scheme. Nothing reflects light quite like white but if that feels a bit soulless for you, there’s a whole range of ‘barely’ there shades available on the market. Offering a hint of colour without compromising on brightness.  

#8 Fake it

Tried everything but things still feel a bit dreary? Then it’s time to fake it.

A few strategically placed lamps will enhance lighting levels and create a warm, welcoming ambience. If it feels unnatural to switch lamps on during the day you could always set a timer, that way you don’t even need to think about it and can be confident your hallway is always looking its best.

Another great tip is to invest in handrail lighting. With new and retro-fit options available, it’s uber effective and effortlessly cool.  

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