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5 reasons why your home needs a Juliet balcony

5 reasons why your home needs a Juliet balcony

Think balconies are reserved for large homes and big budgets?

Think again.

Juliet balconies are not only affordable, they’re also a great way of boosting the value of a property – and can fit into even the tightest of spaces!

Tempted by the idea of a Juliet balcony, but not sure what it can offer your home, or if you can really justify the expense? Then you’ve come to the right place.

Here, the balcony experts at Square 1 Balustrades take a look at the many benefits of fitting a Juliet balcony. Read on to discover everything you need to know.

What is a Juliet Balcony?

Heard of a Juliet balcony, but not totally sure how it’s any different to a regular balcony? Allow us to explain…

Unlike a standard balcony, a Juliet balcony – or ‘balconette’ as they’re often referred to – doesn’t actually stick out from the wall. It’s not intended as an extension of space or as an area to walk out onto and relax on.

We know what you’re thinking – a balcony you can’t even use, what’s the point?

It may seem strange, but a Juliet balcony still offers a wide range of benefits to homeowners, despite not being physically large enough to be utilised as functional space.

The main point of a Juliet balcony is to increase the aesthetic appeal of the home, which in turn often boosts value and makes a home much more enjoyable to live in.

Why install a Juliet balcony?

1.      You don’t have a garden

A recent study from the Office of National Statistics has revealed that one in eight households in the UK has no access to a private or shared garden.

Yet, if the periods of lockdown have taught us anything, it’s that getting out into the fresh air is essential for health and well-being. Good to know then, that having limited garden space or a small property doesn’t mean you don’t have room for a Juliet balcony!

Taking up minimal space, installing a Juliet balcony allows you to open up your inside space – expanding your view of the outside, letting the fresh air flow, and bringing the outside in.  

2.      There’s limited space – inside and out!

Is space tight? Have you been put off installing a balcony, presuming it just won’t fit? Then a Juliet balcony could offer the perfect solution.

Squeezing into the smallest of spots, they are ideal for properties with restricted outside space. Not only this, they also help to enhance the feeling of space inside!

By opening things up, a Juliet balcony can create the illusion of space – even where there is none!

3.      Poor lighting

Do things indoors feel a little gloomy? Does a lack of natural light mean you always end up needing to put the lights on?

Brighten the mood (and reduce your energy bills!) with a Juliet balcony and flood your home with natural light.  Whilst you may already have a window, switching to a Juliet balcony with a patio door will instantly double the expanse of glass and the amount of light entering the room.

4.      You’re looking to sell

If you want to increase the chances of selling your property, then investing in a Juliet balcony is a great idea. Not only will it boost your home’s curb appeal and make it stand out from the neighbours, but it will also boost the internal aesthetics.

It’s likely to increase the value of your property too.

5.      You hate being cooped up

Do you love getting out into the fresh air and hate the ‘penned in’ feeling over the winter months? Then having the ability to throw open patio doors and let the outside in – regardless of the weather – is ideal.

Where can a Juliet balcony be used?

That’s the great thing – you can install a Juliet balcony anywhere!

Classed as a ‘Permitted Development’, in most cases there’s no need for planning permission, and by fitting snuggly to the exterior of any building, they really can work to great effect just about anywhere.

They’re not just for the outside of properties, either.

That’s right, Juliet balconies are also a great interior design feature. They can be used to open up landings or mezzanine floors, add architectural interest, and boost the flow of natural light in your home.

Find the right Juliet balcony for your home

At Square 1 Balustrades, we offer a stunning range of Juliet balconies with bolted, modular, and frameless options to choose from.

To find out more, visit our Juliet balcony page. If you need more ideas, you can also access our gallery, where you’ll find a host of images to help inspire your design choice.

Need a hand deciding on the right look for your home? Don’t forget, the team are happy to offer expert advice and guidance too – just get in touch.   


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