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Things to consider when revamping your staircase

Revamping stairs
Revamping stairs Things to consider when revamping your staircase

Staying at home this summer? Thinking of spending the time (and money) on a few home improvements instead? Then where better place to start than the stairs?

Not only do they connect different rooms and levels, but they also help to set the style and tone of a property. A change here won’t just enhance the stairs, it will have a positive impact on the entire building.

And the good news is, revamping your stairs doesn’t have to blow the whole holiday budget either. Even small changes can make a big difference. But whether you plan to rip the staircase out and start again or just make a few tweaks, there are number of things it’s important to think about first…

What’s your budget?

If the intention is just to carry out a few low-key changes and keep costs down, then you need to be realistic about what it is you’re going to do.

Want to relocate stairs to a different part of the house or fancy a spiral staircase? Then you’re talking about a big project that’s going to take far more time and money than simply changing the balustrades or replacing the carpet.

Work out what it is you want to achieve and cost it out to make sure you don’t get hit with any nasty surprises. Don’t forget to shop around too. Price up materials and if you’re getting someone in to do the work, be sure to request a number of quotes to find the best price.

How much space is there to play with?

You need to work with what you’ve got. Be realistic about the space you have available and take time to consider how to make the most of it.

Switching out wooden spindles for glass balustrades is great for freeing up space. By letting more light flow, and removing a visual barrier, it gives the impression of there being more room than there really is.

Take time to review the area properly. Is there any way you could be savvier with the space? What’s under the stairs? Could you build a handy store cupboard – or remove one and use the space to create an under-stair office? There are numerous possibilities and you’ll be surprised how seemingly unusable space can be repurposed.

What look are you after?

Yes, it’s important to know what you want to do and how much you’re prepared to spend, but you also need to decide on how you want the finished staircase to look.

Traditional, contemporary, something uniquely you? A few small changes can really alter the look and vibe of your stairs. Paint the banister in a funky colour for a quick and pocket-friendly way to mix things up. Pull up that dated carpet and show the floorboards some love, or switch out wooden balustrades for a modern glass and metal design – all easy ways to revitalise the look and feel of your home.

Who’s using the stairs?

Style is key, but never at the expense of safety, which is why it’s essential to consider who will be using the stairs. If you’re a young singleton and fancy wire rope balustrades – go for it. But if you have a young family or own a pet, then a relatively open balustrade system may not be the wisest choice.

Similarly, if you or someone else in your family struggle with mobility, you may want to consider adding an additional handrail so there’s support on both sides.

Do you need building regs?

In most cases, if you’re simply upgrading an existing staircase, building regulations won’t be necessary but it does depend on the scale of your alterations. Keep in mind that there are set rules about the height of balustrades too – always better to check with the experts first to make sure you don’t run into complications further down the line.

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