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5 reasons why glass is great for balconies

Glass balcony
Glass balcony 5 reasons why glass is great for balconies

Who doesn’t love a balcony? A striking addition to any property, there’s something just a little bit special about them isn’t there? Offering a picturesque spot to relax and watch the world go by.

If you’re thinking about adding a balcony – or it’s time to revamp the one you already have – have you considered using glass?

Traditionally balconies have been constructed from wood, stone or metal but there’s one obvious problem with all of these – they obscure the view. Which kind of ruins the whole point of a balcony, doesn’t it?

No surprises then, that these days glass is stealing the top spot as the go-to material. Here the team at Square 1 Balustrades, highlight the key reasons for its popularity and why glass is the clear choice for balconies.

#1 Great views

The transparent nature of glass makes it the perfect balcony option. It’s also the only way to maximise your vantage point and enjoy your view to the full.

Glass also lends itself to the aesthetics of a property, blending into the existing design and complimenting, rather than complicating, the architecture.

Whether a compact Juliet or full veranda, the appeal of a balcony is being able to embrace the outdoors, which means the last thing you want is for your design to hinder the amount of daylight entering your home. By using glass you can be confident that light will flow freely and there’s no risk of darkening indoor living space.

#2 Fits any space

Not much room to play with? Then glass is definitely the choice for you.

Easily customised to fit any area, a glass balcony firstly ‘creates’ the feeling of space by removing visual boundaries. Secondly, thanks to its streamlined design, it takes up a fraction of the room required for stonework or wood.

You can even go one step further and opt for frameless balustrades – these smart panels, slim down the balustrade footprint and maximise on the view. And with more glass, comes the feeling of additional space – so even if things are a bit of squeeze, glass will help to produce a favourable illusion.

#3 Safety

It’s all very well looking the part, but the real concern has to be safety. But whilst glass isn’t generally the first material you think of when looking for safety, it is actually an excellent option for balconies.

Made using toughened or tempered glass, specifically designed for use with balustrades and balconies, you can create a solid barrier with no small gaps where young children or animals can fall through and no ledges to get a foothold and climb. Just a great looking balcony that you can relax and enjoy using knowing everyone is protected.

#4 Versatility

Want the daylight and the floor space but prefer a little more privacy?

There are numerous choices available to you when it comes to glass. Many homeowners favour frosted or tinted panels to buffer what is visible to the outside world, others like to add a little more personality with decorative or coloured panel options.

#5 Style

Glass is inherently stylish. Yes, it’s the modern choice but it’s a timeless one too.

Invest in a glass balcony, keep your design simple, and you’re guaranteed to still love the look further down the line.

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Attractive, space-saving, cost-effective and safe – glass is a winning choice.

Decided it’s right for you? Then why not take a look at our fantastic range of glass balustrade systems?

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