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Sun Balcony

Glass balustrades – too hot to handle?

Glass. It’s a designer’s dream. With endless options and capabilities, these days it can be found everywhere – both inside and outside of the home. It has many desirable qualities, not least its ability to bring the outdoors in, expand the feeling of space, open up views and allow natural light to flow. Perhaps not …

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Balcony Safety

Balconies and balustrades – putting safety first!

There’s no denying balconies and balustrades look great. They can also act as an important safety barrier. But ill-thought through, fitted incorrectly, or poorly maintained and they can be an accident waiting to happen. Being aware of the dangers, making smart design choices, and ensuring regulations are fully met can go a long way to …

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How to create the perfect BBQ area

Is there anything we Brits love more than a good old-fashioned BBQ? Burnt sausages and unpredictable weather aside, it seems we just can’t get enough of outdoor entertaining. The summer of 2019 reportedly hosted around 136 million family barbecues. And with the ‘stay at home’ pandemic of 2020, and a staycation trend set for 2021, …

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Glass Balustrades V Wire Balustrades

Glass balustrades Vs wire rope balustrades

Know you want something more exciting than traditional wooden balustrades but not sure which way to jump when it comes to using glass or wire? Don’t worry. If you’ve narrowed it down to either of these two balustrade systems, you’re already on to a winner. And with the help of today’s blog from Square 1 …

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Step up your home’s style – with your staircase!

Stairs. Functional, yes. But fashionable? They could be. It goes without saying that stairs serve a practical purpose and are essential for any home spanning more than one level. But, despite the fact that they form a central part of most properties, they are frequently overlooked. At Square 1 Balustrades, we are experts in enhancing …

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How to zone your garden

Bored of your outdoor space? Need your garden to do more? Then let’s talk zones. It’s no secret that us Brits love our gardens. But with summer fast approaching, and the prospect of being able to jet off abroad still very much in the balance, we’re demanding more from our outside areas than ever before. …

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7 easy ideas to help refresh your home for spring

Is it time for a change? Spring is the season we associate with new life and hope. It’s a time to brush ourselves off and start again – and never has that felt more needed than now. After 12 months of enduring heavy restrictions on our day-to-day lives, we are more ready than ever to …

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How to create a guest-ready garden

The days are beginning to stretch out, temperatures are rising, and gardens are coming back to life. But this year, it’s not just spring we’re getting ready to welcome back in – it’s people too! From 29 March, it’s hoped that lockdown restrictions will take a tentative step towards easing, allowing up to 6 people …

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Show your home some love this February with a Juliet Balcony

O Romeo, Romeo! Is there anything that says romance quite like a balcony? Big or small, not only do balconies look great, they can also completely change the dynamics of your home – inside and out. Not to mention offering a host of other benefits too. So this February, the team here at Square 1, …

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Design ideas for 2021

It’s the start of a new year…but as we enter into a third national lockdown there’s a very real sense of déjà vu. Chances are, even if you love your home, you’re getting  more than a little tired of staring at the same old same. So why not freshen things up and reinvent your living …

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6 DIY ways to decorate your steps and stairs for Christmas

After what feels like a long and – let’s face it – pretty dismal year all round, are you keen to brighten up your home and spread a little festive joy? The Coronavirus pandemic has resulted in much of the nation spending unprecedented amounts of time indoors, staring at the same four walls.  And, as …

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How to pick balustrades

Indoor or outdoor use, contemporary stainless steel, fashionable glass or traditional wood. Who knew there was so much choice – and so much to think about – when it comes to picking balustrades? The good news is, our team here at Square 1, are balustrade experts (and enthusiasts!) and are always on hand to advice …

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