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Glass balustrades Vs wire rope balustrades

Glass Balustrades V Wire Balustrades
Glass Balustrades V Wire Balustrades Glass balustrades Vs wire rope balustrades

Know you want something more exciting than traditional wooden balustrades but not sure which way to jump when it comes to using glass or wire?

Don’t worry.

If you’ve narrowed it down to either of these two balustrade systems, you’re already on to a winner. And with the help of today’s blog from Square 1 Balustrades, you’ll soon be fine-tuning your choice, as we take a closer look at each of these popular balustrade options and what they offer.

Wire balustrades

Stainless steel wire balustrades are not only extremely effective as a safety feature,  they look good too.

Whether you’re searching for balustrade solutions for your home, at the office or out in the garden, with wire you’ll be creating an attractive, contemporary vibe that oozes industrial chic.

Aside from looking great, the other advantages of wire balustrades include:

  • Easy maintenance – with no real cleaning necessary (an occasional wipe with a stainless steel cleaning cloth is pretty much it), wire balustrades are an easy, low maintenance option.
  • Durable and long-lasting – unlike their wooden counterparts, wire balustrades don’t require painting, annual treatments or ongoing maintenance to keep them looking and performing at their best.
  • Easy installation – wire balustrades are a flexible option. Easily adapted to fit your individual space and design needs.
  • Uninterrupted views – want to be able to fully appreciate your surroundings or maximise the feeling of space? Then the minimalist appearance of wire is an ideal option. Dramatically increasing your view line and helping to open areas up.
  • Free-flowing – keen to keep air circulating and for things to stay fresh? Thanks to the openness of stainless steel wire rope systems, you can benefit from balustrades without creating a solid barrier that restricts airflow.
  • Affordable – made from stainless steel, these wire rope balustrade systems are cost-effective and affordable especially when compared to other balustrade materials on the market.

Glass balustrades

If you need a barrier but you don’t really want one, then glass balustrades could be the solution. These systems are designed to blend into the background and be looked through rather than at. Meaning you can almost forget they are there.

Both contemporary and classic, glass is a timeless look that never dates. Regardless of setting, glass balustrades – with their ‘barely there’ appearance – can be relied on to complement any space.

Other benefits of glass balustrades include:

  • Low maintenance – in comparison to other materials, glass is a low maintenance option. That said, there’s no point in denying that if you have a young family sticky finger marks could be an issue. The good news is that wiping over your glass to keep it looking at its best, is quick and easy to do.
  • Durable and long-lasting – no more than a quick wipe with a basic glass cleaner or simple soapy water, is required to keep glass balustrades looking great for many years to come.
  • Unrestricted light – do you have a gloomy hallway or landing? Brighten things up with a glass balustrade system. Glass will maximise the natural light available by allowing it to flow freely.
  • Safety – both wire and glass balustrade systems are designed to meet strict health and safety requirements. So if you’re concerned glass will be a problem, don’t be. Built using specialist safety glass, glass balustrades offer a robust and secure solution. They are also ideal if you have a young family or pets as they provide a complete barrier with no means of climbing or getting through, preventing nasty accidents.
  • Wind and noise barrier – is your sunspot spoilt by a pervading breeze? If so, then the solid frame of a glass balustrade could be just what you need, establishing a windbreak without impeding on the look and feel of the rest of your outdoor space. In much the same way, it can also help to reduce noise levels by creating a subtle sound barrier.

Which should you choose?

You can be confident that both of these options will look great. The key to making the right choice between glass and wire rope balustrades, is fully considering what you need from them.

Where do you want to position the balustrades? How you will be using them? Who will be using them? Answering these questions will help to ensure that your balustrades not only look great but offer maximum safety too.

Talk to the experts

Still a little unsure which balustrade system to opt for? Then why not talk to the team. Professional, friendly, and brimming with information and ideas, we’ll happily chat through your plans to help you pick the best option for your project.

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