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Design ideas for 2021

Design ideas for 2021

It’s the start of a new year…but as we enter into a third national lockdown there’s a very real sense of déjà vu. Chances are, even if you love your home, you’re getting  more than a little tired of staring at the same old same. So why not freshen things up and reinvent your living space for 2021?

Even the smallest of changes can make a real difference, reviving the look and feel of your home. And, given that we’re all stuck indoors for the foreseeable, now is the perfect time for a project.

What’s on-trend for 2021

If you’re going to start making changes to bring your home more up to date, it’s worth checking out the latest trends – no one wants to spend money a whole new look only to discover it’s now decidedly passé before the paint has even dried.

So, before you get started, let’s take a look at some of the hottest trends set to feature in 2021.

  • Colour choice

As is always the case with colour trends – it’s all in the shade. And, after a difficult year, designers are anticipating a surge in the desire to create peaceful, relaxing spaces, putting more focus on muted, soft tones. Everything from gentle neutrals, relaxed greens, clean blues and warming reds are set to feature.

  • Contemporary country

The great thing about this look that is that pretty much anything goes – pairing traditional styles with more stripped back modern choices and mixing and matching textures for a fashionable yet inviting look. One way to achieve this is to update a tired old staircase with a modern stainless steel or glass balustrade system.

  • Eco awareness

We want things to look great, yes, but more than ever there is a growing rise in ‘conscious consumerism’ and an awareness of our environmental impact. As such, designers are predicting a rise in people seeking furniture and home improvements that offer durability, longevity and multifunctionality. Simple things like using more glass about the home can be a step towards this more eco-friendly approach – allowing more natural light to flow and reducing the need for electric light.

  • The home office

The pandemic has changed the way many of us work. Are you at home and struggling to switch off? Without an office space you can physically shut the door on at the end of the day, it can be difficult to click out of work mode and relax. But there are other design tricks you could try. If you’re short on space is there a small area you could section off? Balustrade systems can be use used in numerous innovative ways and could be just what you need to section off a small area, creating at least the impression of a barrier – without impacting too much on space – and helping you to segment off the different areas of your life.

  • House plants

Green-fingered or not, house plants have seen a massive rise in popularity. After falling briefly out of fashion in the 90s they are back with a vengeance. Not only are they a way of bringing nature and colour into your home, they also help to filter out pollutants and freshen the air – great when you’re spending so much time indoors.

  • Multifunctional spaces

We demand a lot from our home, with an expectation for both our indoor and our outdoor spaces to be multifunctional. This – coupled with lockdown fatigue and a desire to escape outside – has seen an increase in people trying to make outdoor spaces usable all year round with attractive, cleverly designed decking areas and balustrade systems to create designated areas, balconies and canopies to protect from the elements.

Need more inspiration?

Here at Square 1 Balustrades, we love originality and will always do our utmost to accommodate your design ideas. Equally, if you’re struggling for inspiration, our team are on hand to share ideas for how our balustrades systems and other products can be used to revamp your home – inside and out.

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