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Why We Love Glass

Here at Square 1 Balustrades, we’re passionate about glass. Without even realising it, people across the planet interact with glass every day, and because of this, we think that glass has come to be a hugely underappreciated material.

Humans’ relationship with glass stretches back almost 5000 years, with the earliest glass artefacts found in Egypt in 3100 BC, to modern day applications of glass in smash-resistant smartphones and innovative contemporary architecture. Below, we explain exactly why we think glass is so incredible, and why it should get a little more credit:



We all come into contact with glass every single day. As simply the most versatile material out there. It’s used in electronics for phone and TV screens; in architecture for windows and balustrades; at home to preserve and serve food and drink; in science and medicine for microscopic and telescopic research; and in art to display and maintain iconic artistic creations, or as the art itself. We could go on…


Aesthetically pleasing

As humans, we’re naturally attracted to glossy, shiny and bright things so glass is particularly pleasing on the eye. It’s shimmery and transparent nature conveys a premium value, whilst also delivering plenty of light wherever it’s placed. When combined with other materials or applied in layers, the aesthetic effect of glass can vary hugely. Glass can be blown, drawn or pressed meaning that it can be made into countless shapes and designs. It can also be tinted or stained with every colour on the spectrum.


Structurally sound

Whilst you may think of glass as a delicate and brittle material, when toughened, it becomes a staple construction material. It’s used for windows and doors as a safe and secure barrier between our homes and the outside world. And what about aeroplane windows? Or aquarium tanks? Glass’ structural integrity makes it a highly desirable construction material across all industries. The Shard in London and the Burj Khalifa in Dubai are impressive feats of contemporary structural engineering, and what is it that gives these buildings the wow factor? Glass, of course!



When it comes to sustainable materials, glass is up there with the greats. Famously made from sand or recycled glass waste (known as cullets), it’s 100% recyclable and is manufactured in a circular economy. Cullets melt at a low temperature, so even the recycling process itself uses minimal energy.

Glass is also a big player in the world of renewable energy- solar panels are topped with a glass sheet which absorbs heat from the sun in order to generate energy. The insulative quality of glass is also why double glazing is so popular with homeowners- less money is spent on energy bills and subsequently, our energy usage is dramatically reduced.

If you want to create an impact using one of the world’s longest standing and much-loved materials, why not install a stunning glass balustrade or contemporary Juliet balcony at your home? Here at Square 1 Balustrades, we work with glass on a daily basis, bringing style and functionality into properties across the UK. You can browse our products on our website or, if you love glass as much as do, get in touch with us today for a beautiful glass addition to your home.

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