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Show your home some love this February with a Juliet Balcony

O Romeo, Romeo! Is there anything that says romance quite like a balcony? Big or small, not only do balconies look great, they can also completely change the dynamics of your home – inside and out. Not to mention offering a host of other benefits too. So this February, the team here at Square 1, are getting up close and personal with Juliet balconies, to showcase just what it is they can offer and why every home should have one.


What is a Juliet balcony?

The simplest way to describe a Juliet balcony (also known as a balconette) is as a narrow balcony. Too small to step onto, they are fitted just outside a window or French doors and used to create the impression of a full balcony in places where it may not be feasible to fit a full-size version.


Why opt for a Juliet Balcony?

Whether you’re new to the idea, or have considered fitting a balcony before but were put off after struggling with limitations imposed by surrounding properties, tight budgets, or architectural pressures – here’s why a Juliet balcony could be the ideal addition to your home.

  • Style

There’s no denying Juliet balconies look the part! Suitable for all manner of properties, they can complement both classic and contemporary designs. Adding kerb appeal from the outside and enhancing the aesthetics from within too.


  • Space savers – and creators!

Struggling for space? Juliet balconies offer a great alternative to a regular balcony, especially when space is at a premium. From within your home, they also help to create the illusion of more room by providing an unobstructed view and allowing more natural light to flow.


  • No planning permission

Unlike their larger counterparts, Juliet balconies don’t require planning permission. Not only does this save you money, it also saves you time and hassle too!


  • Maximise your view

Do you have a lovely view from your window but as soon as you sit down it vanishes from sight? With a Juliet balcony framing French doors, you can sit back and relax whilst soaking up your beautiful surroundings.


  • Bring the outdoors in

By adding a Juliet balcony, you can open up and improve ventilation around your property without posing a safety risk. It also means that, whatever the weather, the Great British climate doesn’t need to put a stop to enjoying that lovely feeling of sitting out in the fresh air.


  • Clever designs

Think a balcony can only be used outside your home? Think again. There are many clever ways Juliet balconies can be used to add personality and a feeling of space to your home – such as installing them to a mezzanine level or landing space.


  • Add value

Without question, Juliette balconies make a home more attractive. Helping to encourage potential buyers but also, invariably, increasing the value of your home too.


Order your Juliet balcony today

After nearly 12 months of living with lockdowns and heavy restrictions on day-to-day life, few of us have ever spent quite so much time at home. The result of this ‘new normal’ has left many people fed up with the sight of the same 4 walls – but something as simple as fitting a Juliet balcony can change all that. Transforming your living space and creating a whole new vibe to help rekindle your love for your property.

With bolted, frameless and modular options, why not take a look at the range of Juliets we have available right now? Alternatively, for expert advice on the right style of balcony for your home, chat to one of our experts here at Square 1. You can call us today on 01489 583371, email or fill in our contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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