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How to choose the right balustrade system

How to choose the right balustrade system

Deciding you want to use a balustrade system is easy. Deciding on which type of balustrades though, well that’s a different story altogether.

Whether you’re looking to enhance your home, renovating the garden, or searching for easy ways to upgrade the office, balustrades can add real style – without any major construction work.

But with so many options out there, deciding on the right one can be tricky. Personal preference, practicality, and budget, all come into play.

To help make your decision a little easier, here the team at Square 1 run through the different possibilities out there and the key things you need to consider when choosing balustrades.

The options

Looking for something modern? A ‘barely there’ glass system? Or are you keen to keep things more traditional?

Whatever your personal taste there’s sure to be a balustrade to match. Some of the most popular choices include:


Points to consider

Many balustrade systems combine functionality with desirable aesthetics but it’s important to factor in your lifestyle and safety. Keep the following pointers in mind to help narrow your choices.

– Why do you want balustrades?

Be clear on the purpose of your balustrades to help ensure you make the right choice.

If it’s for safety this needs to be your guiding force. For example, a wire rope system with wide gaps isn’t going to offer the same level of protection as glass balustrades. However, keep in mind that safety doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style.

– Where are they going?

Most balustrades are suitable for indoor and outdoor use, but you still need to think carefully about where they are going.

A dark hallway and landing would benefit from the natural light permitted by glass balustrades as opposed to a heavier wooden option. Similarly, frameless glass is often favoured for gardens, balconies and pool surrounds so that views can still be fully enjoyed.

– Who will use them?

Have a young family or searching commercial balustrades for an ‘adult only’ office space?

Who will be using the balustrades is key to choosing wisely. Systems with open gaps are not advisable in the presence of young children or for households with pets.

– How much space is there?

What works in one location may not work in another not only in terms of style and safety but space too.  Be sure to measure up accurately and think through your design carefully. Research what others have done in similar-sized locations to see what works – and what doesn’t!

– What’s your budget?

There’s no point setting your heart on a system you can’t afford. Be honest about your finances and work your design to fit within a set budget. With a figure in mind, you can shop around for competitive quotes and avoid overspending.

– Who’s fitting the balustrades?

Are you a dab hand with DIY and intending to fit the balustrades yourself or will you be relying on the professionals?

If you’re keen to carry out your own installation – especially if it’s your first time – then it’s sensible to keep your design choices as simple as possible.

– What about maintenance?

Do you hate cleaning? If the thought of regularly wiping down glass fills you with dread then opting for low maintenance steel or wire rope may be preferable.

Speak to the experts

There is no definitive ‘best balustrade’, which is why here at Square 1, we offer a stunning choice of fully bespoke balustrades systems, customised to your exact needs.

Why not use our balustrade builder for a personalised quote? Alternatively, for more information or to discuss your design ideas with a member of the team, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.  

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