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How to create the perfect BBQ area

BBQ How to create the perfect BBQ area

Is there anything we Brits love more than a good old-fashioned BBQ?

Burnt sausages and unpredictable weather aside, it seems we just can’t get enough of outdoor entertaining.

The summer of 2019 reportedly hosted around 136 million family barbecues. And with the ‘stay at home’ pandemic of 2020, and a staycation trend set for 2021, as temperatures rise it’s likely that so too will this figure.

A BBQ nation

So taken are we by the idea of enjoying a spot of alfresco cooking and dining, that we’re largely regarded as Europe’s leading BBQ nation. But whilst the sale of BBQs might be through the roof – and our menus have developed into far fancier affairs than just your average beef burger or veggie kebab – how has the BBQ setting advanced?

Truth is, in most cases, it hasn’t.

The first sunny day arrives and we simply drag the barbie out of the garage, wipe it down and start cooking. With little thought given to where it’s positioned, the safety, usability or even the aesthetics of the setup.

But when BBQs are such a big part of the Great British summer, we think the occasion deserves a little more attention.

We’ve talked in previous blogs about how to zone your garden and how to get your garden ready for post-pandemic visitors. But as the weather warms up and barbecue season kicks in, now is a perfect time to take a closer look at how to create the ideal spot for a summer of sizzling.

Things to consider

When it comes to creating a designated space for barbecuing the biggest consideration is practicality – not space. So there’s no need to worry if you’re short on room outside.

– Positioning – is there a real suntrap in your garden? If so, it may be that you want make this your cooking spot – or avoid it!

Perhaps you want to be able dart in and out of the kitchen without traipsing up and down the garden with plates of food. Or to be able to chat to guests while you cook. Whatever your preference, it’s important to think carefully about the logistics of where you create your barbecuing area.

– Seating – a BBQ is a social occasion. Whether with family or friends, it’s about spending time together, so it’s likely the designated chef won’t want to be positioned miles away from all the action. Creating your BBQ area nearby to a relaxed dining or seating area is the perfect setup.

– Safety – with that said about seating, it’s also essential to weigh up safety.

Positioning your BBQ too near the house, backing on to a wooden fence, or near overhanging shrubbery is not a good idea for obvious reasons. But it’s important to consider its proximity to guests too. Where’s the main thoroughfare? Where are the kids likely to play? All of these need to be thought about.

An ideal solution is to section off the BBQ area to prevent people from straying too close. And the great news is, this doesn’t have to take up valuable space or feel like you’re barricading the BBQ in. Rather, with an attractive glass or wire rope balustrade system, you can safely separate the cooking area without it feeling cut off.

– Shelter – let’s not forget that whilst temperatures are rising and the official start of summer approaches, this is still the UK. Meaning that a potential downpour is never far away. So why not prevent your plans from becoming a washout out by building a canopy?

An area large enough to cook and eat under is ideal but if space won’t allow for that, don’t worry. All you really need is a covering for the BBQ (and chef!)  What’s more, with a purpose-built shelter, barbecuing doesn’t have to be restricted to summer – it can be enjoyed all year round!

Finishing touches

Once you’ve found the ideal spot to position your BBQ, step back and appreciate the overall setup.

Little extras such as positioning a small table or surface nearby to rest utensils, food waiting to be cooked…and maybe a cool beer…can make the chef’s life much easier.

Other touches like twinkling fairy lights entwined around branches, outdoor candles and comfy scatter cushions, can all add to the chilled BBQ vibe. Creating a space we guarantee you’ll be enjoying long after the last sausage has been eaten.

Create your BBQ area today

At Square 1 Balustrades, we have a great range of balustrade systems available,  offering endless design possibilities for creating the perfect BBQ area in your outdoor space.

Check out the range online or for more information and advice, get in touch with the team.


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