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6 DIY ways to decorate your steps and stairs for Christmas

6 DIY ways to decorate your steps and stairs for Christmas

After what feels like a long and – let’s face it – pretty dismal year all round, are you keen to brighten up your home and spread a little festive joy?

The Coronavirus pandemic has resulted in much of the nation spending unprecedented amounts of time indoors, staring at the same four walls.  And, as the temperature drops and the dark nights set in, more and more people have chosen to ‘go early’ with their Christmas decorations as a way of lifting spirits and reintroducing a spark of joy and interest while spending time in their own homes.

Perhaps you’ve already put your normal dec ups and are now looking for more inventive ways to add to your display? Or maybe it’s been decided that you’ll host your Christmas bubble and – as the first visitors to be welcomed across the threshold for some time – you’re excited to make a real effort.

Whatever the reason, at Square 1 Balustrades, we design, supply and install a fabulous range of balustrade systems and, over the years, we’ve seen staircases, handrails, and balconies dressed up in all kinds of ways, for all kinds of occasions. Here we share a few of our festive favourites.

Top DIY Christmas decorations for staircases

  1. A traditional garland

Simple but effective. Buy a ready-made garland and simply wind it around your bannister. Alternatively, if you’re feeling really creative or are particularly crafty, you could create your own using foliage from the garden. Be sure to pick wisely though – holly may be seasonal but it’s not ideal to get harpooned every time you grab for the handrail!

  1. Unused decorations and baubles

Use a piece of twine or thick string and attach any spare baubles and unused decorations. These can then be tied and dropped down from the handrail at regular intervals. It doesn’t matter if they are all different colours, shapes and sizes – this will only add to the look and make it quirkier and more interesting.

  1. String lights

A pretty and effective way to create a Christmassy ambience. Wind lights around the bannister or drip in between balustrades. This is particularly effective with glass balustrades as, regardless or where the lights fall, they can still be seen.

  1. Candles

These can look beautiful and really cast a magical glow, but we’d highly recommend using flameless candles for safety. Cluster a few pillar candles of varying heights at the base of your stairs and then stagger them up the stairwell to fill the space with light and warmth.

  1. Crafty paper chains

A great one to get the kids involved with – old-school paper chains. Enjoy spending time making them together, then loop around the handrail, drape or dangle from balustrades. They’ll look fun and festive wherever they go!

  1. Ribbon

Another easy one. Just wrap ribbon around your bannister or weave in between balustrades to instantly add Christmas flare. Opt for warm reds, sparkly gold or a traditional tartan – the choice is endless and entirely yours!

Most, if not all, of these ideas can be adapted to suit indoor or outdoor use. So whether you’re looking to add interest to your decking, balcony or staircase, you can use them as inspiration and simply let your creative Christmas juices flow.

Let us help

Decorations can be a great way to hide old, tired balustrades. But even the best garlands and ribbons can only do so much. And there’s the danger that, once the decorations come down, you may be left feeling even more aware that it’s time for an upgrade.

At Square 1, we can help. With a wide range of handrails, balustrades, steel and wire rope systems available – not to mention a wealth of experience and expertise at our disposal – your home can have the wow factor all year round!

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