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Why You Should Use Stainless Steel in The Home

Depending on what style of interior design you are attracted to for your home, there will be a number of types of materials to choose for different rooms. If you’re going for something rustic, you might want to use plenty of wood and stone. However, if you want a contemporary feel for your home, steel and glass are some of the best options available. Here we describe why you should choose stainless steel.

It’s Durable and Resistant to Corrosion

Stainless steel is an incredibly durable material. It has a superior strength-to-weight ratio against a number of other metals and is also very resistant to both corrosion and heat. High-alloyed stainless steel remains structurally sound even in the presence of acids and chlorine solutions. Similarly, stainless steel retains much of its strength even when exposed to high temperatures as well as high impact.

It’s Easy To Clean and Hygienic

As well as being strong structurally, stainless steel is also a very hygienic material. The ease of cleaning stainless steel means that the material can be used in a number of organisations when hygiene property is imperative, such as hospitals, kitchens and food processing factories.

It’s Simple To Make

The manufacturing process of stainless steel has now become more modernised and, as such, much easier. Now stainless steel can be cut and formed in ways which make it as easy as other types of steel. This means that you can get a robust and durable material without breaking the bank.


As well as being a highly practical and durable material to use in the home, stainless steel is also wildly popular due to its appearance. The material is reflective, sleek, modern and a bright addition to any room throughout the home. There are a number of different finishes available when using stainless steel which means that it’s versatile too.

Square 1 Balustrades Have a Range of Stainless Steel Handrails For Your Glass Balustrade

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