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How To Transform Your Home or Office With Glass

Glass is becoming a more and more popular material to work with, in both commercial and residential properties. It’s elegant, functional, strong and safe. There are plenty of innovative ways that you can transform your home or office with the use of glass. Here are just some of them.


Glass Balustrades

The installation of glass balustrades for the home or office is what we do best. Toughened or laminated glass is strong and durable, whilst also improving the flow of natural light and creating the illusion of a bigger space. These balustrades are easy to clean, provide versatility to the design and create a much more modern feel to the home.


Glass Roof or Floor

Utilising glass in the structural architecture of a building can be a striking way to create a sense of individuality, particularly when used in an unconventional way like for sections of the roof or floor.

If you’re lucky enough to have a large property with multiple levels, using glass for a large section of a separating floor can give the impression that you’re home or office is even bigger and will significantly improve the natural light entering the property.


Glass as a Partition Wall

If you work in a modern office, it’s increasingly likely that glass will play a significant role in the design. The use of glass creates an immediate sense of professionalism and modernism. It’s elegant and sophisticated and is easily customisable. This gives you the option to keep things transparent or private with either regular or frosted glass.

Glass walls can also decrease energy and construction costs. As glass improves the amount of natural light in a space, this means you won’t need to use artificial light anywhere near as much. Natural light can also improve workplace productivity, as natural light is revitalising and lowers the chance of getting headaches associated with sustained exposure to artificial light.



Smart or intelligent glass is an intuitive new technology that is increasingly popular in homes and businesses. This glass can switch between being transparent and frosted with just a flick of a switch.

This simplicity and ingenuity is perfectly suited for private meeting rooms in an office or en-suite bathrooms and partitions between rooms in the home. Some of these smart glass products can also be paired with an automatic door, so they remain private when closed and automatically become transparent when opened.


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