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Incorporating Glass into Your Balcony Design

Are you planning a balcony for your home or business? There are a number of benefits to a glass balustrade – which is precisely why they’re used in a number of home renovations. If you’re considering adding glass to your home, we’ve complied a number of core benefits you can leverage:

Increased architectural beauty: No matter what the style of the building, glass can add a certain elegance.

Easy to clean: There is very little maintenance necessary when you have a glass balustrade, particularly if they are frameless. However, these simple panels just need to be cleaned with glass cleaner, like a window. Even if they are somehow damaged or scratched, it is easily repaired with a polish.

Open up the sight lines: Glass balustrades are beautiful as is, but if you have a gorgeous view outside your home, using glass for your balcony will let you see everything without impediment. Why ruin a great view with iron railings, no matter how pretty? Make sure you take full advantage of the views by using a transparent option.

Create more space: While you won’t actually create more space, glass does give the illusion that there is more, thanks to being clear. The space opens up and if you have a small balcony, the glass will help make it feel open. This effect is similar to what you get with a wire rope balustrade, but better.

Long lasting and durable: At first glance, glass may seem fragile, but it’s actually an excellent option for railings because it is so durable. The glass used for balustrades is thick enough that it can withstand quite a bit of pressure. Glass is also durable over time and it doesn’t deteriorate in the sun.

Varied designs: You can choose from a wide variety of styles with glass. It can be left transparent, frosted, or even etched with a design. You’ll also find that there are different colours and textures to work with and it may be framed in any style you like. This makes it perfect for just about any design style.

Let the light flow in: Regular balconies tend to block light, particularly if they’re made of wood or metal panels. Even bars can block the light, whereas glass will let it all pour in and keep your balcony brightly lit. If you have glass doors, the glass balcony will help more light reach the inside.

Easy to install: You’ll be surprised at how quickly a glass balustrade can be installed. It’s fairly basic, since you just have the panels and rails, which can be put up quickly. Even if there are more supports, these are done rapidly and you can have a gorgeous fence or rail within a day. This ease of installation makes it a popular option for many homeowners.

An eco-friendly option: Out of all the materials you can use for your balustrade, glass is the most eco-friendly. Not only can it be recycled, it doesn’t emit any harmful vapours or other substances, unlike metal or plastic. It’s an inert substance, so it is the ideal choice for anyone who is trying to reduce their carbon footprint.

Ultimate security: When it comes to safety, glass is one of the best choices. The type of glass used to create balustrades is tempered and thick. It’s nearly as strong as metal, which means you can’t accidentally break it at any moment. It will also hold up to a lot of pressure and should it break for any reason, this type of glass shatters into relatively harmless squares of glass, rather than shards. This makes it the best choice in spaces where children are present.

Sleek and modern: One of the biggest benefits of using glass in your home is that it looks high class. It takes just a few panes to give any room a more modern appearance. However, it still goes just as well with rustic elements, provided you select the correct design for the space.

With all the different options you have for balustrades, you can pick anything. However, glass is still one of the most popular options for a good reason. Durable and beautiful, it just works with so many different design styles that it is possibly one of the most versatile done.


Styles of Glass Balustrades

You may be thinking of glass panels attached to metal posts when you think of a glass balustrade, but the there is a far wider world of well-considered glass balustrades out there!

Frameless: Just as it sounds, this type of panel has no frame, it’s just the glass. This is a terrific option if you want to keep your sight lines open.

Modular: This system lets you create the ideal balustrade as needed, with frames that can be set up. They are very versatile and let you fit different types of glass into the frames, which are usually metal of some sort, such as aluminium.

There are also several ways to set your glass in place. You can use a channel system, where the glass just slides into place, thanks to frames with channels set into them. For a less obtrusive option, there are channels that are just in the top rail.

Another option is clamps. These are usually used when it’s just glass panels, to clamp them to each other. However, this can be used with some types of frames, as well. The clamps merely hold the glass in place, but are not as secure as bolts. If needed, they can be removed and replaced with different glass.

Finally, a bolted system will let you add a little extra security if you don’t feel safe with just the channel mount. The bolts will hold the glass in place and can be a little more secure for anyone who prefers it.

There are also extras that you may want to use in order to turn your balcony into a homier place. Try adding an awning or an umbrella to shade the area a bit and give you some protection from the rain.

No matter what system you have selected, you can rest assured that glass is the best way to go. You won’t regret choosing it, as the benefits are many.


Using a Glass Balustrade for a Juliet Balcony

Tempered glass can also be used with a Juliet balcony or a balconet. This is a very small, shallow balcony that is on an upper story of the building. This is reminiscent of the balcony that is frequently portrayed in Romeo and Juliet as being small and just the width of a door leading out onto it.

These tiny balconies are designed to allow you to let fresh air into the room and are usually just big enough to step out onto. You won’t have room for much else, though, since they are very small. The balconet is likely to be just a bit wider than the door that leads onto it and only a few feet deep, just enough to stand outside and get a good view.

Of course, you can use any type of balustrade there, including stone and concrete, for this type of balcony. However, since the space is quite small, it makes sense to use a glass rail, which will amplify the space and make it feel larger. When the door is open, even the room leading onto the balcony will feel more spacious than hemmed in, thanks to the clear line of sight outdoors.

Since it’s so easy to install glass balustrades, you may want to even replace your existing ones with this new version. If you’re working on a brand new build, you can just incorporate glass right into the balcony from the start.

If you really want to tie things together, you can use the same styles throughout the house. The same glass can be used for staircases and larger balconies, as well. It may even be used on your patio or veranda on the main floor. There are so many possibilities and you can just tie everything together by using the same styles throughout the home.

Glass is a wonderful material, particularly for buildings. It is durable and sturdy, yet elegant and spacious feeling. It’s the ideal option for your railings and should certainly be considered when you’re building or remodeling your home.

Are you planning to add balconies to your home? If you’d like to use glass balustrades, we can help! Contact us today for more information on what we have to offer.

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