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Incorporating Glass into Garden Design

With British summers seemingly getting sunnier and warmer year by year, it’s a great time for us to make sure we’re making the most of our outside spaces. Whiling away the hours of a long, hot summer’s day in a beautifully designed garden is the stuff of dreams, so whether you’re redesigning the entire space or just adding a summery feature like a pond or planting area, why not incorporate glass for the perfect finishing touch?

Glass balustrades offer practicality and safety, all the while oozing style and sophistication. Below we suggest a few ways you could incorporate glass into your garden space:

A clear line of sight

Using glass balustrades for your boundary fencing is perfect if you enjoy a breathtaking view. Perhaps you live on the coast and your balcony fencing is obstructing your gaze over the open ocean, or maybe your house is nestled amongst open countryside and you don’t want your garden to appear to stop at the boundary of your property. Either way, installing a glass balustrade truly opens up the space, offering a clear line of sight so that you can enjoy the view with nothing in the way. Opt for a barely-there frameless balustrade for a truly seamless look.

Break up the space

If you want a feeling of openness, but you still want to break up the space into separate areas, glass balustrades make for the perfect dividers. A top garden design trend for 2019 is sectioning off your garden for different uses- why not install a glass balustrade around your patio or decking? You can sprawl out on a deck chair whilst keeping an eye on the kids playing on the lawn. If you’re a keen gardener, using glass balustrades to border your favourite planting areas means that your plants will benefit from plenty of sunlight and you’ll be able to see them from wherever you are in the garden.

Around the pond

Have you always dreamed of having a fairytale pond to house wildlife and water plants but you’re concerned about safety? A glass balustrade offers the ultimate safety barrier without the need for chunky railings obstructing your view of frolicking frogs and pretty lilypads. For high-drama, you could even opt for a raised pond with a glass inset- you can observe your wildlife as they dart through the water just like an aquarium!

Poolside glass

For those lucky enough to have a swimming pool to enjoy throughout the summer months, squaring it off with a stunning glass balustrade adds that final touch of luxury to an already beautiful feature. Fencing off your pool is essential for safety, but there’s no need for the design to be utilitarian- a glass balustrade offers perfect harmony between practicality and effortless style.

If you think a dazzling glass balustrade could finish off your upcoming garden renovation, get in touch with Square 1 Balustrades today. Our glass balustrade systems offer clean lines, longlasting durability and striking design. Browse our products here, or give us a call on 01489 583371 now.

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