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How to pick balustrades

How to pick balustrades

Indoor or outdoor use, contemporary stainless steel, fashionable glass or traditional wood. Who knew there was so much choice – and so much to think about – when it comes to picking balustrades?

The good news is, our team here at Square 1, are balustrade experts (and enthusiasts!) and are always on hand to advice and guidance. Here we cover a few of the basics to help you on your journey to picking the right balustrades.

What is a balustrade?

Let’s start with the basics – what actually are balustrades? Put simply, they are the bit below the handrail. Typically made up of vertical posts, or a solid section, they are used to provide protection from what could be dangerous edges. Which is why you’ll find them on sides of staircases, surrounding decking areas, swimming pools and on balconies.

Essential for safety, yes, but they also have a huge impact on the look and feel of the area where they are being used. Which is why making the right choice is so important.

What should a balustrade do?

A balustrade needs to:

  • Be suitable for the location – it’s important to think about where it’s going to be, surroundings, and who will be using it. For example, a young family may prefer to opt for solid glass balustrades in their home rather than wire to eliminate the risk of a small child crawling through the gaps and incurring an injury.
  • Match the style you want to achieve – it’s no good opting for ornate spindles if you’re trying to create a modern, contemporary vibe. Consider the look you’re aiming for and research examples to help you establish exactly what you’re after.
  • Provide proper support and protection – above all else, a balustrade is a safety feature so it’s essential that it is fit for purpose, properly fitted and provides adequate protection
  • Meet safety regulations – to keep everyone safe there are minimum height and load-bearing requirements for balustrades. Never take chances and always consult an expert for advice.

What balustrades can you choose from?

There are many options on the market, some of the most popular include:

  • Glass balustrades
  • Wire balustrades
  • Wooden balustrades
  • Stainless steel balustrades

What are the benefits of a balustrade system?

Balustrades can really enhance your environment, transforming the look and feel of your garden, home or office. Here are just a few of the main benefits:

  • Picking the right balustrade system, such as glass or wire, can create the illusion of more space and allow light to flow freely. It can provide a virtually unobstructed view, which is ideal for balconies, outdoor spaces and a ‘barely there’ feel within the home.
  • Balustrades offer both attractive aesthetics and safety as they work as sturdy, secure barriers, whilst also looking great
  • Typically, wooden spindles are more intricate, which can result in awkward nooks and crannies which are difficult to keep clean. Opting for more modern balustrades – such as glass or stainless steel – not only means less time spent cleaning but also less ongoing maintenance (no painting or treatments needed etc).

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