Frameless Glass Balustrade

How do frameless glass balustrades work?

Frameless glass balustrades are fitted using only the highest quality of glass to provide an invisible barrier, whether internal or external. Frameless glass balustrades are ideal for adding the illusion of more space, and an increased level of security without compromising aesthetics.

We use a range of fixtures to secure frameless glass systems, ensuring they are completely secure at the base to allow for optimum safety at all times.



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    How safe are frameless glass balustrades?

    Usually, frameless glass balustrades are made using toughened glass, making them extra secure, and even more difficult to break. This type of tempered glass is 5-7 times stronger than regular annealed glass – and offers a robust and reliable option for a frameless glass balustrade system.

    All of the glass we use at Square 1 Balustrades is quality assured, and we will work with you to ensure you get the most suitable glass for your balustrade application. We offer a range of widths as well as toughened, laminated and heat-soaked glass – so whatever your needs, we can help.

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      How do you fit a frameless glass balustrade?

      Frameless glass balustrades look fantastic, and they’re also surprisingly straight-forward to fit with the right guidance. At Square 1 Balustrades, our team of in-house experts are on hand to offer advice at every step of your journey, providing a range of balustrade options and custom balustrade designs.

      It is important to note that not all frameless glass balustrades will be fit the same way. Depending on your particular requirements, you may need different components and systems to get the job done. Luckily, we can provide everything you will need – so we encourage anyone looking to fit a frameless glass balustrade to contact one of our experts for assistance.

      There are a variety of frameless glass balustrade systems available, including external frameless glass balconies and frameless glass balustrades within the home as stairwells or partitions– the possibilities are pretty vast. Depending on your particular requirements, you can select from a range of discreet fixings so that you can create minimal, aesthetic balustrades that look sleek and offer a reliable barrier.

      Take a look at our range of frameless glass balustrade channels, to see which one would suit your needs. We offer a range of specialist services, including technical advice, full working drawings of your project, and we can even install your frameless glass balustrade system for you if you require it.

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