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Square 1 offers a full range of Juliet Balconies to suit any application and style. Whether you are fitting to the door frame or structure we have a solution.

Styles including, bolted, frameless or modular, with and without handrail available.

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We are your source for the best balcony components. At Square 1, we have something for everyone.

Our wide range of options ensures that you create the look that you want for your property or renovation project. We also offer the following advantages to every customer:

  • Affordable glass Juliet balcony prices
  • Professional suggestions to find the best option
  • Expert design and installation for long-lasting results
  • High-quality components that can withstand the elements

Juliet balconies are a common sight on apartment buildings and other properties where full-size balconies are not an option. They provide added safety, security, and style to any domestic or commercial property.

At Square 1 Balustrades, we offer a wide range of options to suit any architectural style or application. Whether you need to fit the balcony to a door frame or structure, we can help find the right solution.

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Transform the Exterior of Your Property with Juliet Balconies

Why should you think about installing a Juliet balcony? Here are some of the top benefits of installing these stylish balconies:

  • Provides an alternative option to full balconies
  • Is suitable for most applications
  • Helps bring natural light inside
  • Enhances the exterior and interior
  • Helps add security and safety

Along with these positive features, a glass Juliet balcony can provide a few added benefits. Unlike metal balconies, the frameless glass design does not block your view. They also offer a contemporary look that can help your property stand out.

You can also find an option to suit any style. At Square 1 Balustrades, we carry a variety of solutions including bolted, frameless, and modular. You can also choose to install a balcony with or without handrails.

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