Decking Balustrades

Types of decking balustrade systems?

Introducing glass balustrade systems for decking can be an easy way to add something special to your garden. Whether you want to add a level of security or are looking for easy ways to open a space up – our range of glass balustrades can transform your outdoor area.

The great thing about adding glass screens for decking is that you can effortlessly create a range of looks, whether you want a modern feel, or something elegant and minimalist, the options are vast with decking balustrade.

We provide a range of options, including:

  • modular glass systems – ideal for a uniform, structured decking balustrade
  • Steel and wire rope systems – these look great outside, and break up vision for a slight increase in privacy
  • Frameless balustrades – Perfect for a sleek, and uninterrupted view to your garden and surrounding area

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Is there a minimum height for my decking balustrade?

The height of your decking balustrade will depend on how high your decked area is. Low-level decking where the deck only reaches around 600mm above floor level won’t require very tall decking balustrade panels. For low-level decking such as this, we suggest decking balustrade height should be around 900mm.

For higher level decking, where the decking is raised above the floor over 600mm, we suggest a decking balustrade height of approximately 1100mm.

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Are glass balustrade systems for decking safe?

If you have a high decking area, the need for security is paramount. This is particularly true if children or the elderly are likely to use the decking, and a decking balustrade can provide the perfect level of security for your garden.

At Square 1 Balustrades, safety and security are of crucial importance, which is why all the glass we use is manufactured in accordance with BS EN 12600:2002 – meaning we only provide the safest, highest quality of glass for every application.

While all of our glass is of the highest quality, you can even opt for tempered glass for that extra piece of mind.

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