Glass Bracket Installation Guide

Glass Brackets

Once you have successfully installed your steelwork, the last step is to install your glass infill. Remove your glass brackets from the packaging along with the correct sized rubbers.
Every glass bracket includes both rubbers to accommodate 8mm and 10mm glass, a safety pin and an M8 x 20mm socket cap screw for you to fix the bracket to your upright.

PLEASE NOTE: The safety pin is only used when suspending glass at height.
The clamping brackets and rubbers are strong enough to successfully secure your glass in place.

Apply the correct size rubber to the inside of your bracket and fix the body of the bracket onto your upright. For your convenience, Square 1 pre-drill and tap these holes, however, should you need to drill and tap on site, please refer to the Square 1 Handrail Fitting Instructions. It is the customer’s decision which side the brackets face. Tighten the screw through the body of the glass bracket into your upright using a 6mm Allen key.

The glass panel sizes are decided by the customer. Once all brackets are securely fixed to your uprights you will need to calculate the size of your glass. Square 1 recommend that to comply with current building regulations, once a glass panel is securely fixed in between the brackets, a sphere with a 100mm diameter should not be able to pass through any of the gaps. This includes the gaps between the upright posts and the glass, the handrail and the glass, and lastly, the surface you have fixed the balustrade onto and the glass.

If you have fixed your balustrade onto a level surface, your glass panels will be a rectangle. To calculate the “width” of your glass, take the measurement between the area within the glass bracket where your glass will rest, up to the same area on the opposing glass bracket, then minus 10mm off the total for some “play”. 3) i.e. Inside of glass bracket to the inside of opposite glass bracket is 900mm. (900mm – 10mm = 890mm) Glass Width: 890mm To calculate the height of your glass, measure from the ground to the underside of your handrail and minus the size of the gap you wish to leave, ensuring that this is no more than 100mm.

Square 1 would recommend a 70mm gap between the handrail and the glass, and the surface you have fixed to and the glass. 4) i.e. Measurement from the surface area to the underside of the handrail is 1050mm. (1050mm – 70mm – 70mm = 910mm) Glass Width: 910mm If your glass panels are a “non-standard” shape, Square 1 advise that templates of the glass are made using a material that can be shaped into exactly how you wish your panel to look. This must be strong enough to be transported to us via courier and onto our glazier for processing. Our recommendation would be MDF wood.

PLEASE NOTE: Square 1 is unable to supply any materials required to template glass. We can offer to collect the templates from the customer at the

On receipt of your glass, place into the glass brackets and tighten the glass clamp, ensuring the glass is securely clamped in all areas.

Important Information – Please Read Square 1 will do our very best to advise and guide on the most suitable and safest system for each individual project, however it remains the customer’s responsibility to ensure the final specification complies with current building regulations.

We also advise and supply the relevant fixings to enable the installer to fix certain materials, however, it remains the installers responsibility to ensure that the area in which the system is to be fixed is structurally supportive and has been approved by a structural engineer.

For further help fitting your Balustrade System, please contact our Sales Team.

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