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Simple ways to extend your living space

Simple ways to extend your living space

Lockdown. It’s been a strange old time hasn’t it? Never before have we all spent quite so much time at home, staring at the same four walls. No longer just our retreat after a long day, homes have become the office, gym, even the classroom. Not surprising then that many of us have started to get a touch of cabin fever.

Becoming a little disgruntled with your property is understandable – and so too is wishing there were ways you could open up space and feel less ‘penned in’. We get it. And the good news is, we can help!

Here at Square 1 Balustrades, we are a leading supplier and fitter of glass balustrades and can help you to transform your living space. Let’s take a look at just some of the ways our balustrade systems can make a huge difference to how you feel about your home.

Juliet balcony

Often seen on apartments Juliet balconies are a great option where space is limited and full-size balconies are not feasible. Also known as a balconette, Juliet balconies don’t actually extend out but create the illusion of additional space by flooding your room with light and an unrestricted view. You can quite literally ‘open the door’ to the outside but remain in the comfort of your own home. Simple and affordable, they allow you to dramatically enhance a room and bring the outdoors in. On top of this, they also look great from kerbside too, adding security and value to your property.

Glass and wire balustrades

We offer all manner of balustrade systems. Take for example our stainless steel wire balustrades – hard-wearing and versatile they provide a stylish, modern appearance. Used in place of a traditional stair bannister and spindles, or solid wooden frames, they open up space, modernising and transforming your home.

Wire not really your thing? Use glass balustrades on your stairs and landing instead and you’ll find light floods your home. You will be amazed by how effortlessly they re-vamp your house, enhancing the fluidity from one space to another.

Decking balustrades

If you are lucky enough to have a balcony or a decking area, it will no doubt be fenced off for security. Essential, but how good does it look? Decking glass balustrades are safe and secure without feeling restrictive or giving the impression of being fenced in. The glass maintains the flow of your outdoor space, allowing you to maximise on light and space and enjoy the view.

Glass canopy

On the whole, we’ve been pretty fortunate with the weather during the Coronavirus outbreak and, as a nation, we’ve been able to benefit from escaping into our gardens. But this is the UK we’re talking about and we all know that a rain shower is only ever around the corner. On the days when it has been raining the effect of being cooped up indoors has a real impact. That’s why a glass canopy is a fantastic idea. Our frameless glass canopies have a ‘barely there’ appearance simply protecting you from any showers and meaning you can extend your living area and still be outside, whatever the weather.

So, if you feel like you really need to shake up your living space and breathe new life into your home, why not take a look at how Square 1 Balustrades can help you? View our fantastic range of glass balustrades and other solutions now, or alternatively get in touch with the team. You can call us on 01489 583371, email or fill in our contact form.


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