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Are glass balustrades safe?

Are glass balustrades safe?

Glass. It’s everywhere isn’t it. Windows, doors, ceilings – but one place we’re not as used to seeing it, is as a balustrade.

Stairs and landings, balconies, pool and decking surrounds, in all of these locations materials like wood, steel or good old-fashioned bricks and mortar, have previously been the favoured option. But now glass is taking over in the popularity stakes.

Why? Mostly because it looks great. Glass not only allows light to flow freely, brightening the place up. It also creates uninterrupted views and promotes a more modern, spacious feel. All desirable attributes – but is it enough?

Whether you are a business owner updating your offices or a family revamping your home or garden, glass balustrades are suitable for domestic and commercial use. But, whilst acknowledging how great they can look, it seems some people are still missing out, reluctant to opt for glass due to safety concerns.

At Square 1 Balustrades we are a premier manufacturer and supplier of high quality, innovative glass balustrade systems in the UK. We believe all our clients deserve honesty, professionalism and great service, and that starts right here, by taking a no-nonsense look at glass balustrades to address your safety concerns.

Are glass balustrades systems safe?

No ifs, buts or maybes here, the answer to this question is an unequivocal yes. Glass balustrades offer excellent safety – if they didn’t, we simply wouldn’t use them.

What types of safety glass are there?

We supply:

  • toughened glass
  • toughened and laminated glass

Both are manufactured in accordance with BS EN 12600:2002 and offer excellent protection.

The main difference between the two options is that toughened and laminated glass is constructed from two pieces of toughened glass either side of a laminate interlayer. This means that, whilst it offers the same strength under impact as toughened glass, if the pane is damaged and the glass breaks, the shards will be held in place by the laminate interlayer. A reassuring feature for families or people who are considering fitting the glass at a raised level.

What are the benefits of a glass balustrade?

Glass balustrades allow you to enhance the look of your home whilst also improving its safety. For example, you can section off areas of the garden to keep little ones safe and away from areas they shouldn’t be, without restricting your view or compromising natural light.

With glass there is no need for endless maintenance. Unlike wood, it won’t rot when exposed to the elements, inflict splinters or need sanding and repainting. Any damage can clearly be seen and swiftly remedied.

The hardest thing about glass is keeping it clean…and even that is quick and easy when you compare it to lengths you would need to go to with other materials. Read our ‘‘Easy glass maintenance – wipe away your doubts!’ blog for handy hints and tips for keeping your glass balustrades looking their best.

Choosing the right glass balustrade for you

Whether you’re a large commercial development or just after a domestic glass balustrade for your stairs, we can supply toughened or toughened & laminated glass to suit your needs.

Our experienced and helpful team will determine the right glass for you by asking a few key questions. These will include:

  • The height of the glass you require
  • Where the glass balustrade is going (including whether it is for internal or external use)?
  • Do you want a stainless-steel handrail incorporating?
  • The loading the glass balustrade needs to achieve (this can be provided by a structural engineer or your local building control officer).

Here at Square 1, we take safety extremely seriously and, for more complex jobs, can call upon the services of an industry recognised structural glass consultancy who will determine precisely what type and thickness of glass you require to achieve the maximum strength and safety for its intended use. For your peace of mind, a written report detailing the calculations used to determine this, can also be provided.

Talk to the experts

So the conclusion? Safety fears shouldn’t stop you from enjoying the many benefits of glass balustrades – they really are as good as they look!

Why not browse our selection of glass balustrades for stairs, patios, pools and more, right now? And, if you have any questions or would like to chat in more detail about the safety of glass balustrades and how you could use them for your home or business, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team here at Square 1. We’ll happily discuss your concerns and offer our expert opinion on the right balustrade system for you. Send your questions through on our contact form, email or give us a quick call on 01489 583371.


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