Balustrade Services

Technical advice

We at Square 1 Balustrades can advise on every aspect of your balustrade requirements.

It is important to be sure that when you decide on your chosen system it not only satisfies the purpose you require it for but that the fixings and components are correct.

From current regulations to correct fixings, adhesives, sealants and technical design whatever assistance you need we can be there to help.

Our team will advise from the first conversation on the way forward for your project.

Technical drawing

Our team of designers use the latest CAD software and can produce a set of full working drawings for your project dependant on your requirements.

It is not always necessary but for that slightly more technical or larger project, a set of design drawings can give you the comfort you need that your choice meets your vision.

Drawings can also enable you to see the finished project and therefore an opportunity to make changes if you so desire.

Our designers will discuss your requirements and wishes with you throughout the design process.

Full installation service

It is very important that once you have chosen your design and materials and ensured that the correct fixings are used that your installation is to the standard you deserve. If you require an installation service Square 1 Balustrades can help.

Our teams of trained installers work directly for Square 1 Balustardes and liaise with our designers and managers to ensure every installation is up to the standards we set and demand.

We do not consider your installation complete until you have signed off the satisfaction certificate at which point the Square 1 Balustardes six month installation guarantee will commence. This will give you piece of mind.

Cutting, Drilling & Tapping

For your ease and convenience, Square 1 Balustrades offer a full cutting, drilling and Tapping Service.

Prices start at £1.95

Stainless Steel Cleaning

An important thing to remember with stainless steel is that it is stain ‘less’ and not stain ‘free’. Stainless steel is not completely corrosion proof and does require on-going cleaning and maintenance. As members of the British Stainless Steel Association, we advise all of our customers to carry out necessary maintenance on your system to help retain the modern finish of the product.

We supply our own cleaning product specifically designed for stainless steel. Our cleaner gives a sparkling appearance leaving a protective film to aid in future maintenance.

Please contact us for more information

Other glass products include our glass balustrade kits.

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