Modular System Installation Guide

Modular System

Square 1’s stainless steel post and handrail Modular system are designed to provide a user-friendly solution for the most bespoke balustrade requirements. The stylish modular system is available in a variety of contemporary infill solutions including glass, wire or rod; giving you complete freedom of design. Our satin finish and mirror polished product range include both AISI 304 (Inside) and AISI 316 (Outside) grade stainless steel in 42.4mm and 48.3mm diameter tube

Place your base plate down on the surface you will be fixing to, ensuring that the full plate sits flush and there are no obstacles between the surface and the bottom of the base plate. Once in position, mark out the holes onto the surface using the pre-drilled holes in the base plate. Continue this process for each base plate you intend on fixing to the surface.

Once you have marked out the holes for each base plate and are happy with their positions, you now need to drill them.

The size of the studding you have purchased will determine the size of the hole you need to drill. A hole one size up from the studding thickness is required. i.e. If you have purchased M8 studding, you will require an M10 hole. If you have purchased an M10 studding, you will require an M12 hole etc. Continue to drill out the holes using the correct size drill bit.

We advise customers to drill at least 100mm straight down into the surface they are fixing to. Once all holes are drilled they need to be cleaned of any excess debris that may remain inside the hole. The next step is to calculate the length of each stud you require to fit into the hole.

This can be calculated by taking the distance drilled into the ground plus 15mm.
i.e. You have a hole that is 120mm into the ground: 120mm + 15mm = 135mm.
This means each piece of your studding will need to be cut to 135mm.
You will require one piece of studding per hole drilled, cut to your calculated size.

Take your ChemFix and slowly apply into each hole. The ChemFix sets quickly so once you have applied it to the first 9-12 holes, place down the applicator gun and begin to twist your studding into each hole you have applied ChemFix into. You may find that on twisting the studding into the hole, you have a small amount of excess leaving the hole as the studding reaches the bottom.

Please be sure to remove the excess as it can become difficult to remove at a later stage once it has set. Repeat this procedure until all holes are filled with studding and then leave to set for 60 minutes. You will need to change applicator nozzles as the ChemFix will set inside fairly quickly.

Once complete, place your base plates back over the exposed studding. Lastly, place your washers, followed by your nuts onto each piece of the studding. Tighten up each nut so that the base plate is securely fixed to the surface. To finish up, place your base plate covers over the base plates to cover all exposed fixings.

Take your upright posts and apply the necessary amount of MMA Adhesive to the male fitting exposed from your base plate.

PLEASE NOTE: The MMA Adhesive sets very quickly.

Proceed to place all upright posts over the exposed male fittings of the base plates.
For further help fitting your Balustrade System, please contact our Sales Team.

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