Glass Specifications

Square1’s approach to safety is paramount which equally extends to our choice of glass as an infill solution for your balustrade system. All glass supplied by Square 1 is manufactured in accordance with BS EN 12600:2002 and our dedicated team will work closely with you to determine the best glass option for you based on the load information you provide. We recognise that clients need a ‘one-stop’ solution when it comes to purchasing a glass infill balustrade and so Square 1 has established a partnership with leading glass processor’s who are leading suppliers of quality architectural glass products throughout the U.K. Whether your requirement is for a domestic glass balustrade for your patio or balcony or a large commercial development, we can supply toughened or toughened & laminated glass to suit your needs. When you contact Square 1 with your glass enquiry, our experienced and helpful team will determine the right glass for you. We will ask some key questions about your requirement which will enable us to discuss the various options with you:

Choosing the right glass for you

  • The height of the glass you require
  • Placement of the glass balustrade (internal or external)
  • Is a stainless steel handrail required
  • The loading the glass balustrade needs to achieve – this can be provided by a structural engineer or your local building control officer
Once we have established this information, we can discuss what thickness of glass will be required and whether this will be provided as toughened, heat soaked glass or toughened and laminated glass. Toughened glass is ideally suited to most applications where safety is critical, but consideration should be taken if the glass balustrade is at a high level. Toughened & laminated glass is constructed of two pieces of toughened glass either side of a laminate interlayer and offers the same strength under impact as toughened glass with a crucial safety difference – If the pane is damaged resulting in the glass breaking, the fragments will be retained by the laminate interlayer, enabling the system to still act as a barrier until a replacement can be installed. As your glass balustrade will not only need to look great it is also designed to be a key safety feature in your environment. As safety is paramount to Square 1, we can call upon the services of an industry recognised Structural Glass Consultancy who, from the information provided to them, can determine precisely what type of glass is required to achieve the strength it is intended for. For your peace of mind, they can provide a written report detailing the calculations used to determine this. The glass delivered to you will have polished edges and radius corners as standard unless otherwise asked for. We can also supply frosted/sandblasted glass, silkscreen printed glass as well as etched glass and drill holes up to 30mm diameter – contact our friendly team for more information.

Quality assured glass production

As with many products that are available to today’s consumer, toughened glass is available from ‘KITE MARK’ approved suppliers. The product standard that covers this area is BS EN 12150, impact performance requirements for flat safety glass and safety plastics for use in buildings. BS EN 12150 a Kite Marked product standard, which means that a manufacturer of the product may choose to adhere to the regulations and guidelines that are specific to that Kite Mark scheme. The British Standards Institute controls the Kite Mark License scheme and is responsible for audits and testing regimes. Only when satisfied that a particular product is satisfactory and that manufacturing controls are in place to ensure continuous compliance, will a Kite Mark License be granted. Kite Mark Licenses are issued for each product type, i.e. a manufacturer may process and supply a wide range of thickness of toughened glass, but only have a Kitemark license for one. Square 1Supplied glass, all glass thickness, tints and finishes are included on the Kite Mark License scope. Continuous assessment and monitoring of production methods and working practices ensure that Square 1 glass partner provide a fully compliant product to our customers in the marketplace.
  • BS EN 12150 Glass in building – Thermally toughened soda lime silicate safety glass
  • BS EN 14179 Glass in building – Heat soaked thermally toughened soda lime silicate safety glass
  • BS EN 14449 Laminated glass and laminated safety glass

Delivery to your door

Square 1 can arrange to have your glass delivered to the majority of locations on the UK mainland. By using a dedicated courier for your glass, we can ensure your order arrives safely and in perfect quality for use in your balustrade system. The cost of the delivery will be determined by the location of where it is required. This will be advised to you at the time of your enquiry.
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